How To Truly pick a reliable Garage Door Repairman/ Skilled Trade

In today’s world everything is based around electronics, word of mouth doesn’t always do. When a neighbor tells us about a company we truly go in and check the reviews. We’re more trusting of complete strangers on the web then we are of actuall people right next to us. My Father told me about a plumber that he used and just raved about him, I went in and checked what the internet was saying about him, he didnt even show up on Angie’s list or Home Advisor. That really concerned me but from everything my dad had said I hired him any way, and he was fantastic he gave me a great deal. I know this cause I called a few more companies after he left to price check for what he did. Why if he was so good though wasn’t he on those so called “go to home improvement/skilled worker site?”

$$$$$ everything cost money what dosent these days. After talking with the man he told me he was registered on those sites but he dosent show up because you have to pay to show up, I’m not talking pay for ads that pop up, no to actually even show on the site you have to pay. Why is that these are supposed to be the most skilled and best but that’s not always true. If I would of hired the best according to those sites I would have spent upwards of $500-1000 more then what I did which is crazy.

Ever since I started my own business I see the scandalous side of everything, money is truly key, these top ranked companies really rip people off. Which is sad we all bust are asses everyday to make a better life for are self’s and families. I worked at a few companies in my Garage Door industries that were the top dogs and they way they gauged people just never sat well with me. Needless to say I didn’t last long at those places I didn’t care how much I was making I just couldn’t do that to people. That’s when I decided to start my own business up and run it the way it should be ran, where the customer dosent feel cheated, over charged, or even screwed over. I understand that and want to help in the best way possible

“Greatest expierence ever, fair priced and overall best service will recommend” that was a true review on one of those top companies on Google. 1 either the person just throws money out and dosent care, 2 they didn’t price check or care to call anyone else, 3 they were convinced by these false reviews that they are the best. Most of the reviews that you see from these companies are just BS, some are from friends, family, heck some are even paid for. Some people just throw them up there after they had a good experience not knowing they just got hussled because they were oblivious and just believed what they read. All these sites do it Yelp, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Angie’s List, Home Advisor etc. I’ve seen on Yelp the top company’s are 4.5 stars with tons of reviews but you open the non recommended reviews and there full of 1-2 stars whys that? They throw $100-even $1000 towards those websites and the websites reward them, it’s very deceiving and sad.

Well how do you truly find the company for you. Well you can jump on this bandwagon of top spots or do your homework. What I mean by that is call, text, email, at least 4-5 businesses, always go with the top spot go toward the bottom, then check around the middle. Then compare your findings, see what suits you whether it’s cost, guarantees, service, or reviews. I promise you if you do this you’ll be completely satisfied with your decision, and you’ll be at ease knowing you did your homework and found the company for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page/rant and check out the garage door company for you. Have a wonderful Day

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