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As you know, having a garage door opener is convenient and a very important component of your garage door, as it’s the device that is opening and closing the door.

Regardless if you have an opener that requires repair or service or you need a new one installed, simple call Royalty Garage Door 520-354-8260.

We can take care of any need when it comes to garage door openers.

Royalty Garage Door Opener Installations

In need of a new garage door opener to be installed or maybe you need to replace or repair your current one, either way we can help. 

Royalty offers different brands and models of garage doors openers. If you’re experiencing an issue with  your garage door opener, give us a call, we will promptly come out and take a look at it, then  explain what is wrong and your options. Our estimated are always fair and honest so no need for concern of being taken advantage of, this is one of the benefits of doing business with a Locally Owned Business, care and attention to detail.

At Royalty Garage Door Service you are in good hands as we are highly trained experts capable of figuring out any problems related to your garage door opener.

Royalty Garage Door Opener Repair

Simply call us and we will promptly show up to look into your garage door opener problems. Being highly trained, we are qualified to diagnose all issues that are causing performance issues with your garage door opener. If we find that the garage door opener is no longer functional and beyond repair, we will offer a new installation solution. If the opener is repairable and it is cost effective, we will review the details with you so you can make a decision you are happy with.

Royalty Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Performance is important when it comes to your garage door opener, this is why Royalty Garage Door will make your garage door opener is working at optimal performance. When we do maintenance, we will also do garage door safety checks and give you maintenance tips as we want to make sure you and your family safety is a priority when it comes to your garage door.

If we will install or replace your garage door opener/ garage door or both, our team will run make sure you are clear about the functionality of your door/opener as well as preventive maintenance procedures.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I needed a new garage door opener installed and a friend recommended Josh. He was very polite and prompt and said that he was on the far east side of Tucson, but that he could come over immediately if I wanted (I'm on the far North West side of Tucson). I did and he was over within the hour. He did a great job and the price was far less than I expected. Really impressed and pleased.
Rose Biron
Tucson, AZ
I couldn't get my door to close. So I called Josh. He came out the same day about an hour later and fixed the problem. He did a great job for what I feel was a great price. Would def recommend
Jose Gonzalez
Tucson, AZ

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