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Installing a garage door is something you do not want to take short-cuts on and is a big decision. 

Therefore, we are here to offer as much advice as possible based on your needs and requirements such as styles, brands, colors, technical specifications etc. 

This allows us to determine the best options when deciding on a new garage door to install with functionality and Curb appeal in mind. 

Purchasing a new garage door can be a considerable investment therefore it is a big decision. Plus is has a huge effect on the appearance of your home and don’t forget, it is a security feature for your home.

Our job at Royalty Garage Door is to help make this decision a simple process and as needed we will walk you through every step of the way.

Royalty Garage Door gives you options and different choices for the following:

  • Material Options — Select from different options such as different steel or aluminum looks, wood and more. Other considerations are installation, noise, material related costs and how much potential maintenance you will require.
  • Aesthetics “The Look” — This is where you can get creative or keep it simple with designs, styles and colors, lots of options.
  • Energy Efficiency “Save Money on Energy” — there are a variety of different materials you can choose from depending on your installation needs, many times the upfront costs are justified by the long term potential for energy savings.
  • Accessories ‘The Extras” — Lots of options here such as a variety of different styles of window inserts and various panels.
  • Safety if Important — Safety meaning security features for crime prevention and making sure the garage door is safe for your family. You can get features such as keyless entry and even  smartphone features to serve as a security control.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I had Josh come out and Change a spring he told me about the risks of some of these old parts that have never been touched so I had him change them all.
After every thing I felt the price was more then fair.
He was very quick with the work and went over everything that he changed even did a service on the motor. Perfect service will recommend.
Sergio Garcia
Tucson, AZ
I heard a loud bang in my garage I had no idea what it was but the door wouldn't open. I called up a few companies and feel like there prices were a little much, when Josh arrived I was already a little eerie cause of my previous experiences with those other companies. He was very skilled with everything and really explained things to me in great detail, needless to say he fixed the door got it running, he gave me plenty of options, I'm very happy with the price in the end. Very trustworthy company he also gave me a discount for using his site to contact.
Carmella Arroyo
Tucson, AZ

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