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30 day labor warranty

$20/$60 depending on spring size+labor of $100

(If your spring breaks we can just repair it and change it out, but the best possible solution is a system rebuild because there could be more factors as to why the spring broke such as worn bearings and drums, old broken rollers or even a bent shaft.)

(10 year warranty, 3 bearings, 10/12 rollers, 2 drums, 2 cables, shaft, center mount, 2 end mounts, single spring, dbl is $40 more)


(All extra remotes are $40)
All Liftmaster motors are now WiFi capable so you can download the app straight to your phone to use as a remote.

Realign the door and get it operating correctly

Change all hinges and rollers, then service/lube the door and motor

Includes lubing the door and motor

$150 additional(All companies have an emergency call price whether there upfront with you or they add it into your parts cost

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